Being future-friendly


Decision for the environment

Conservation and preservation of the environment are close to our hearts. For this reason, we have decided to use PVC regranulate instead of newly produced material. We obtain this with the help of a highly developed recycling process that enables consistent quality with significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

VEKA Compounds works closely with VEKA Recycling - the largest initiative of its kind in both the UK and Europe – to deliver a high quality product, offering a sustainable alternative to our virgin PVC-U powder, helping the environment in the process.

Circular economy in practice

Circular economy in practice at VEKA Recycling Ltd.

PVC is a valuable and versatile material that can be recycled several times while maintaining the same high quality. By taking this route, we reduce the use of materials and energy and increase sustainability - a factor you can leverage in your company's external image.

A closed loop economy prevents the depletion of finite raw material resources. An average PVC window has a service life of 30-40 years and can be recycled up to ten times. Together with VEKA Recycling, we make it possible to manufacture windows and doors with an effective service life of 350 years. Last but not least, this prevents the unnecessary burdening of waste incineration plants or even landfills with a versatile raw material.

VEKA PLC proudly supported the design of the UK's first BFRC 'A' Rated window and the first fully reinforced, double-glazed window to gain the 'A' Rating: which will help to reduce carbon emissions as a result. The uPVC that we offer our approved extruders up and down the country helps to produce window and doors frames that provide better thermal efficiency. In turn, this will enable homeowners to have their heating on a lower temperature to decrease their carbon footprint.

Benefit for the environment

Longer service life
Less waste
Consistent quality
High purity