high quality coloured and un-pigmented uPVC pellets
Our various products offer high performance in a number of diverse fields

Fields of application

A wide range of solutions

We offer a wide range of plastic products to cater to a comprehensive selection of needs. Ranging from commercial and residential projects, through to specialist sectors, we are able to ensure you get the right plastic product for your needs.

The versatility of our granules gives you the assurance of always producing to the highest standards in your industry.

Our comprehensive range makes it easy for you to find the perfect granules for your business. This includes a wide range of industrial applications in various industries.

VEKA window profile with recycled material

VEKA window profile with recycled material

Companies in numerous industries benefit from our high-quality granules. One example is window and door profiles from VEKA: made of rigid PVC, they are characterized by their outstanding stability, durability and ease of care. Our granules are also the ideal choice for your application!

We already supply customers in the fields of electrical engineering, packaging, the automotive industry, fire protection, seals and insulation, medicine and pharmaceuticals, building renovation and technical components. We can also adapt our materials perfectly to your needs: from lightweight and insulating to increased resistance requirements.