White Pellets

When fabricating your next home improvement, why not use white pellets? This raw material is robust, versatile and easy to manufacture into brand new uPVC products. Promote a sustainable future with our fantastic environmentally-friendly pellets.

Using white pellets as a raw material for commercial and industrial units unlocks a plethora of advantages. Here's how our environmentally-friendly white pellets can be applied in various settings:

  • Windows and Doors - Fabricate robust and energy-efficient windows and doors tailored for commercial and industrial structures. The sleek finish of white pellets adds a professional touch while ensuring durability and thermal efficiency.
  • Window Cills, Beading and Cavity Closures: Enhance the insulation and waterproofing of commercial buildings with uPVC window sills, beading, and cavity closures. These components contribute to energy conservation and structural integrity.
  • Fencing and Decking: Establish durable fencing and decking solutions for commercial properties that withstand the rigours of heavy use and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. White pellets offer longevity and low maintenance, ideal for industrial sites.
  • Guttering and Drainpipes: Construct dependable guttering and drainpipes for industrial facilities to efficiently manage rainwater runoff. The resilience of uPVC ensures minimal downtime and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Trunking and Ducting: Organise and safeguard electrical wiring, cables, and ductwork within commercial and industrial units using uPVC trunking and ducting systems. These solutions streamline infrastructure management and minimise safety risks.
  • Underground Pipes: Install leak-proof and corrosion-resistant underground pipes for sewage, drainage, and water supply networks in industrial settings. uPVC's durability ensures long-term performance, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.
  • Tubing: Manufacture uPVC tubing for plumbing, irrigation, and HVAC systems within commercial and industrial facilities. The chemical resistance and thermal insulation properties of uPVC ensure reliable operation and compliance with regulatory standards.
PCW White Pellets