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Our product portfolio

High quality regranulates

When it comes to premium grade raw materials, you need to look no further than VEKA Compounds. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality coloured and un-pigmented uPVC pellets for the manufacturing industry. Whether you are producing a rigid or flexible end product, we have the ideal raw material for every application.

We ensure all of our plastics are sourced and manufactured in a sustainable and economically friendly way, working alongside our sister company VEKA Recycling to ensure all recycled materials uphold the structural integrity and performance of a brand new material: allowing them to be used to a wider range of high-quality products.

Product portfolio

Our granules are easy to process and enable products with excellent properties. We supply you with PVC regranulates and PVC regrinds:

  • in a variety of colors,
  • with a wide range of performance characteristics and features,
  • in accordance with numerous recognized industry standards and certifications.

We can supply colored or unpigmented granules. For you, this means that you can effortlessly cover a very wide range of product requirements and, conversely, offer your customers the benefits of customized coloring.

The versatility of our granules gives you the security of always producing to the highest standards in your industry. One example is window and door profiles: Made of rigid PVC, they are characterized by their outstanding stability, durability and ease of maintenance. Our granules are also the ideal choice for your application!

Benefit from the advantages

Ease of processing
Deflection recovery
Negative temperature coefficient
Flame retardent
Impact resistance
UV Stability
Colour or un-pigmented
In Detail

Performance Properties

Our various products offer high performance in a number of diverse fields, including:

Special requirements

Do you need PVC granules with specific properties? Then simply get in touch with us. Together we will find the perfect plastics solution for you.

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Our quality promise

Durable quality is critical to both product satisfaction and product longevity. That's why our materials are designed to deliver exceptional performance without sacrificing workmanship. The result: PVC products of even higher quality.

The materials we offer are of the highest quality. We can avoid fine plastic chips as well as irregularly shaped or lumpy granules. PVC products made from them are characterized by high uniformity and consistent quality along the entire processing chain.

VEKA compounds are subject to constant quality controls.