Coloured Regrind

Coloured regrind is a sustainable and versatile option for fabricating various home improvement products. These robust PVC pellets can be transformed into new uPVC items, supporting environmentally-friendly practices. Here are some common applications of coloured regrind:

  • Windows and Doors: Used in frames and sashes, providing durability and colour consistency.
  • Window Sills, Beading, and Cavity Closures: Ideal for detailed finishings and structural components around windows.
  • Fencing and Decking: Perfect for creating long-lasting, weather-resistant outdoor structures.
  • Guttering and Drainpipes: Ensures effective water management systems with added aesthetic appeal.
  • Trunking and Ducting: Useful in managing electrical wiring and ventilation systems.
  • Underground Pipes: Suitable for robust and reliable subterranean piping solutions.
  • Tubing: Versatile for various plumbing and conduit applications.

Using coloured regrind promotes sustainability by recycling materials into high-quality products for construction and home improvement. For more enquiries, call us today.

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